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I haven’t fallen in love with another human being in almost four years.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t loved, I fall in love every day; with the way the light falls on buildings in the city, the smell if the freshly bloomed flowers, or the taste of ice cold water when my throat is dry.

Still, every day I feel as if I’m simply going through the motions.
Going to school to endure another series of lectures, small talk with my growing circle of acquaintances, and finally some time with my books or perhaps an hour or two watching my shows.

There a growing feeling of isolation as I spend more years inside of this body.

Through creating connections with others we can weave together an illusion that we’re not alone, and this is perfectly fine. It’s these woven moments in time that bind us together.

Each one of us knits together our own reality, but when we do this together you share common threads in the tapestry of life. The origins may be the same but what you do with these experiences and how you seem them is up to you.

It’s been far too long since I sat down and wove meaningful memories with another.